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Textile finishes give fabrics advanced properties and functionalities as a result of ongoing research and development. The combination of finishing technologies makes it possible to obtain different technical and functional characteristics: fire resistant and flame retardant, water repellent, stain resistant, vandal resistant, chemical protection, anti-mite, anti- bacterial, fungicidal, anti-static, scented, anti-stress and many more. Different sectors use this type of technology to improve the properties of their fabrics such as: home textiles by making them waterproof and resistant to the outside or with anti-mite properties for mattresses and sofa upholstery, also in fashion with laminates, calendering, softening, resinating, in the practice of sport with fabrics for maximum breathability or protection in extreme weather conditions, for sectors that require high security against high working temperatures or incandescent splashes, in medicine and health with water-repellent treatments and with antistatic properties… Of course, each project is a challenge in which Bonditex applies all the acquired knowledge, an expert and highly trained team and a work process established under strict protocols that allow us to collaborate with our customers to achieve highly efficient textile finishes.